Methane gas wells criss-cross the State of Oklahoma. Of the 30 wells tested on and around the Ponca Nation’s historic lands by Earthworks in cooperation with Bold Oklahoma and Stop Fracking Payne County, all 30 were found to be leaking.

Methane leaks are directly linked to the erosion of the ozone layer and climate change as well as a myriad of potential health effects. These leaking wells are not an isolated instance. All wells in the State need to be tested for leaks. Fencing around the methane wells, advanced safety measures, tangible consequences for repeat offenders, and mandatory environmental impact studies are necessary for the health and safety of nearby homes and communities.


SIGN THE PETITION: Plug the methane leak loophole. 

We call on President Obama and the EPA to plug the methane leak loophole:

Use your existing 111(d) Clean Air Act authority to directly regulate methane leaks from existing oil and gas wells.

We call on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to plug the methane leak loophole: 

  • Annual leak testing of all existing wells, including unannounced onsite inspections of some wells.
  • Install automatic downhole shutoff systems on all new wells, which must have a cement barrier.

  • Companies must submit a leak monitoring plan that satisfies program requirements.

  • Companies must begin preparations for drilling a relief well within 24 hrs of discovery of a leak, and post notice of the leak on a public website.

  • Companies must develop and maintain gas storage well training and mentoring programs for employees who work in safety-related position, develop ongoing best practices.

  • The appropriate State agency is tasked with developing a continuous methane leak monitoring program near gas storage facilities.

  • Institute a $25,000 fine for each violation, to be classified as a misdemeanor.